Amazing Race–Valentine Edition

Some friends and I put together this crazy group date for our husbands for Valentine’s Day, one year, after they had sent us on a crazy video scavenger hunt the year before (so they could cook us dinner). I’m going to just give you the details of our date. I’m sure you can come up […]

Love Letters

Who doesn’t love getting good mail?I’m thrilled whenever there is something in the mailbox that isn’t a bill or an advertisement. Kids love mail too! There is just something wonderful about knowing that something is waiting for you, without knowing what it is. Our family motto for the year, is “Joy in the Journey” (and […]

Lovely Love Bugs

Last year I wrote all about a “Love Bug Ball” I threw for my kids and their friends a few years ago, for Valentine’s Day. I still think it makes for a really fun kids party. Get the details here! Or for a variation on that theme, or to have someone else do all the […]

The Love Bug Ball–A Valentine’s Party for Kids!

If your kids want more than their class Valentine’s party to celebrate Valentine’s Day, you might consider throwing a “Love Bug Ball.”         Party Specs: Invitations: Invitations are made by cutting large heart shapes (folded in half) out of red cardstock. Use a slightly smaller white heart glued inside the red heart, […]