A is for Alec–ABC 1st Birthday

Aa is for Alec So what if he was going on 15 months, Alec finally had his first birthday party, full of A’s B’s and C’s (and other alphabet letters, too)! A little hard to see in these pics, but the white letter banner spells “Happy 1st Birthday Alec” Bb is for ball Contrary to this […]

Partying with the Party Girls

I had a wonderful time partying with the party girls at our Girls Night Out last week! *** All photos courtesy of the magnificent Sierra Studios Photography Hosts and Special Guests: Me, Kristyn, Laura of Laura Winslow Photography,Toni and Kim from The TomKat Studio, and Steph We Partied it up at SweetCakes Cafe in Mesa, AZ […]

The Spa Party: Perfect 10 Day Spa/Salon

I’ve managed to drag out the re-cap of my daughter’s Spa Birthday party for a very long time! I hope you aren’t bored to tears of it yet. One of the reasons I’ve been slow is that it is almost time for our June Blogger/Crafter’s Night Out and I have been working on lots of […]

Nail Polish Cake

The miracle workers were here all last week, so I finally have some projects around the home that I am about ready to share! But first, let’s finish the spa day party (a few more posts to go!)! I wish I were an amazing cake artist, but my lack of expertise, never holds me back […]

Spa Day Party – Pretty Pinata

When discussing what my daughter had in mind for her birthday party, this year, I was surprised to learn that she really wanted a piñata. We have them sporadically for birthday parties, but she hadn’t had one for a couple of years and decided there should be one at this party. Of course, with a spa […]

Terrific 10 Classroom Treats

If you recall from my robot treat post, schools in our area don’t allow parents to bring in homemade goodies for kids on their birthdays. For most parents, this should be a relief or a free pass to go to the store and pick-up the bakery cupcakes without feeling an iota of guilt about not […]

Party Party Trend: Mario Bros.

While there is no shortage of frothy, frilly girl parties to drool over all around the land of blog, I am often asked for more ideas for the some-times forgotten boys–especially as they get a little older. My sister has four boys and has thrown them some amazing parties (see here and here). She has […]

Taste the Rainbow: Simple Skittle Cake

A few weeks ago I looked all over my blog for this post I know I had written.  Well, I never found it, because it turns out, I wrote it for a guest posting stint over on the 733 blog. That was last July, so I think they will forgive me, if I repost it […]

Flashback Friday: Hooray for Hollywood (Oscar party ideas)

So it’s actually Saturday, but close enough. This post is originally from Feb 18, 2009. It’s full of great ideas for an Academy Awards style party, or any awards or movie party! For more current ideas, I’m loving this round-up from Not Just a Mommy: (image from Everyday Celebrating) You’ll also want to check out […]

Party Party Finalists Finally!

Wow! You guys made judging tough this year! I’m so glad I called in the pros to help. There were more than twice the entrants than we had last year. They were all amazing. I’m so excited to see so many of you taking delight in doing something memorable for the ones you love! Your […]