Collaborative Party Party Party Table

As the voting for the Party Party winds down, it is finally time to reveal the Dessert Table I put together with the help of some of my favorite party girls in honor of 5 years Insanity. I’ve been posting sneak peeks of the contributions along the way on Instagram, and it was so fun […]

Party Party Prizes

One of the great things about blogging is getting to connect with amazing women who share your passions. Today I’ve called on four of them and they are offering up fabulous party  prizes with the winner of our Party Party. I haven’t met Do in real life, yet, but I have the other three, and […]

5th Annual Party Party

Let’s get it started in here!! This is the official post for the 5th annual Blogiversary Party Party. Your chance to show us what amazing parties you threw in 2012 for a chance to win internet fame and prizes from the likes of … Piggy Bank Parties Bake It Pretty Vintage Rose Wraps Confetti Sunshine (details […]

Happy Birthday to My Insanity!

5 years!!!! Can you believe I have been doing this for 5 years?!? (Photo from County Fair Birthday party–not yet blogged). I cannot. But the date on my first post says Jan. 15, 2008. And 2013 minus 2008 = 5, right? So that means it’s time for a big celebration! Because 5 years in blog […]

Party Party Winner Announced

Perfection is not usually a word I like to associate with party planning. Inevitably something goes wrong at the last minute, or time runs out for some of the amazing plans to come to life–Perfection just seems to be too lofty a goal. Yet, when I think about the party that has been voted as […]

4 Years of Insanity and the 4th Party Party

  ****** Yesterday, my little blog turned 4 years old! I had no idea when I clicked “publish” on that first post 4 years ago what I was doing or how big of a part of my life “My Insanity” would become. Thank you to everyone who has read, left comments, pinned, liked, shared and/or […]

The 3rd Annual Blogiversary PARTY Party

Welcome to the party!  Imagine I’m greeting you at the door in a fabulously enviable outfit, with my hair and make-up salon-fresh.  The party music is going and the place smells like cake with out a speck of dust in sight.  Immediately, your eye is drawn to my amazing decorations and perfectly-styled spread of every […]

It’s Party Time Again!

Can you believe that I am insane enough to have been blogging for 3 years?  (Longer if you count my personal blog.)  That makes me a Grandma in blog years!  Anyway, my blogiversary is coming this weekend, so you know what that means?…. It is time for my annual Blogiversary Party Party! So what’s a […]