Captain America Cake

Saturday is US Constitution Day! Didn’t you know that? It must be a big holiday, because my children are allowed to trade in their school uniforms for patriotic red, white, and blue garb tomorrow! So I’m going a little patriotic today, too.  We hosted a combined birthday party at my house a while back for […]

A is for Alec–ABC 1st Birthday

Aa is for Alec So what if he was going on 15 months, Alec finally had his first birthday party, full of A’s B’s and C’s (and other alphabet letters, too)! A little hard to see in these pics, but the white letter banner spells “Happy 1st Birthday Alec” Bb is for ball Contrary to this […]

Partying with the Party Girls

I had a wonderful time partying with the party girls at our Girls Night Out last week! *** All photos courtesy of the magnificent Sierra Studios Photography Hosts and Special Guests: Me, Kristyn, Laura of Laura Winslow Photography,Toni and Kim from The TomKat Studio, and Steph We Partied it up at SweetCakes Cafe in Mesa, AZ […]

Robot Cake Stand Video Tutorial

Do you remember this guy? He was the centerpiece and focal point of my son’s robot birthday party last fall. I planned to explain the construction of the cake stand back then, but struggled to figure out the best way to do it. I had Boy Scout Barry help me film a video tutorial, but between […]

Nail Polish Cake

The miracle workers were here all last week, so I finally have some projects around the home that I am about ready to share! But first, let’s finish the spa day party (a few more posts to go!)! I wish I were an amazing cake artist, but my lack of expertise, never holds me back […]

Taste the Rainbow: Simple Skittle Cake

A few weeks ago I looked all over my blog for this post I know I had written.  Well, I never found it, because it turns out, I wrote it for a guest posting stint over on the 733 blog. That was last July, so I think they will forgive me, if I repost it […]

A "Sing"-ular Sensation — Karaoke Birthday Party

Since we are still partying around here, I thought I should share another party I was involved in recently. In the middle of the chaos that is December, my neighbor contacted me for help with her daughter’s 9th b-day party.  She’s good at event planning, but wanted some insanity thrown into the mix. (Yes, she […]

The Fairy Party

The following is a tale…a tale of a Fairy themed birthday party for little fairies and gnomes, in a magical woodland meadow full of fun food, a toadstool cake, and more. You’ll want to read the whole story…  Once upon a time… a little girl wanted to have a fairy birthday party. So her mother […]

The Tricks to Making Treats (Halloween cupcakes)

I’ve been looking for some great, unique ideas for cupcakes to take the the church Halloween party this year. I found some of the best ideas here: My friend Stephanie, recently filmed this appearance on a local TV show sharing some ideas for awesome fall cupcakes. I’ve got the stuff to make the chicken bone […]

Robot Design Academy

Welcome to the Robot Design Academy and the birthday party of my six-year-old son!  Here’s a question for you?  Which takes longer, throwing the party or blogging about it?  Ok throwing it does, but blogging about it is a close second.  To keep this post from being any longer than it is already going to […]