A Pirate’s Party for Me!

It be time for me account of me pirate party, mates! No, I don’t think I can write an entire post in pirate speak. You’ll just have to enjoy the occasional pirate outburst. I’m going to give you the guest’s view of the party today. Next week, I’ll break it down and give you the […]

Kira’s Fishy Birthday (a PBP)

First of all, what is a PBP? It stands for “Pre-blogging Party.” You see, I’ve been crazy a lot longer than I’ve had this blog. Lately I’ve been looking at photos of parties from years past, and I’ve realized that without a digital camera, and the plans to blog about party details, my pics leave […]

Ingenious, Edible Insanity–The Keg Cake

This fun rustic looking keg, could be fun to use at lots of parties, right? But wait… It is CAKE! Almost the entire thing is edible, and what’s crazier…it actually works as a keg! This masterpiece was created by my good friend, Kim’s mother, Terri. Here is what Kim wrote about this cake: Mom just […]

Summer S’mores Cupcakes

I am working on a guest post for Father’s Day and some more 1st birthday ideas.  But these look too fantastically creative and yummy not to share! I was reading Donna’s fabulous party blog and this very-cool adventure party she is throwing for her son.  She linked to these S’mores cupcakes as the dessert she […]

Eyelet and Rainbows–Kira’s 8th Birthday and Baptism Celebration

Oh!  This is a crazy-long post but it’s full of fun colorful pictures!  My daughter turned 8 in April and was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Now that more than a month has passed, I think it is about time I blogged about it.  I wanted a fun […]

Building a Lego Birthday

I really intended to be getting my post up about Kira’s big birthday/baptism celebration last month, today, and I will this week for sure, but a new Twitter friend is asking for ideas for a Lego-themed party for her daughter.  I don’t know anyone who loves Legos more than my sister, Trina’s boys.  Remember thebionicle […]

An Earthy Easter

Do I get extra credit for blogging about our Easter Dinner before Mother’s Day is here.  I like to look at it as helping you get a headstart on next year’s Easter (not me being really behind in posting). One day I was given a bunch of beautiful pastel goblets by a friend who was […]

May Day Mayhem

Once upon a time, and many years ago…(sorry, that’s how my play last night started, but it really fits for this post)…I came home from school on a May 1st to find a May Day Celebration waiting for me! My older sisters were home from college, and while we were all at school, they did […]

A Good Knight Party

(Yes the pun in the title is totally intended.  This is another guest post by Kendra’s certifiably insane sister, Trina.  If you don’t believe she’s all that crazy, read on…)   In recent years, our two older boys have often opted to forgo a big friend party in favor of a bigger outing with only […]

Bionicle Birthday (or Bionicles 101 for mothers)

(Guest Post by Trina, one of Kendra’s crazily creative sisters) When my oldest son turned 11, he asked for a Bionicle Birthday. This party ended up being pretty easy, considering he chose to take a couple of friends to a local trampoline place (it had nothing to do with his theme, but was a great […]