Lil’ Punkin–An Autumn Baby Shower

Birthdays and babies happen through out the year, so how do you handle one of those events when so many holiday decorations and festivities have over taken your house? One way is to use the seasonal theme for your party. I am helping with a baby shower for my sister-in-law, and we decided to go […]

A Sweet Celebration–Tessa’s 1st birthday party

We had a cupcake-themed birthday party for my baby girl on Saturday. Here are the details as promised. INVITATION: I have been trying to do most of my designing digitally lately, but then add an element by hand that gives more of a handmade feel. This entire invitation is digital, except for the cupcake liner […]

Birthday BLAST! (Rocket Birthday Party)

We had a blast (pun intended) with my son’s Space/Rocket/Astronaut themed birthday party this year! It was too much stellar fun to fit it into one post. For all of the Out of this World details and ideas for how you can throw your own spaced-out party, please read each of the following posts: Stellar […]

The moon is made of cake (birthday cake!)

Our astronaut birthday boy needed a birthday cake that was out of this world so we landed on the moon as the perfect cake for the occasion. (get it?) This is a strong contender for the easiest cake I’ve ever made. I’ve used this Wilton Sports Ball Pan Set (affiliate link) for all kinds of cakes–except for any […]

Wii love to party!

I think we are probably the only family in the country who doesn’t own a Wii. Just because that is a fact that probably won’t be changing anytime in the near future, doesn’t mean that I don’t think a Wii-themed party would be lots of fun. My sister, Trina, just threw an Olympics/Wii-themed party for […]

Trenton’s Truck Birthday

As I am starting to get ready for my son’s big astronaut party, I thought it would be fun to share some of what we did last year for his 3rd b-day…A construction/truck party. Going completely against my nature, I bought invitations this time. This was only because the invitation was the exact concept I […]

Cute Cakes for kids–with Layers!

I love cute birthday cakes–they can really become the focal point of a party, so I have a couple more I’ve been wanting to share. This first one was made by Laura at Brilliant Blossoms (she’s pretty crazy about a lot of different things, like me!) for our cousins, Kaj and Kade and their awesome […]

Boys Birthdays

I had to post these cool Lego cupcakes for all of my Lego-obsessed nephews and their (Lego-obsessed Dads) one of them just had a Lego birthday, I think. They are from Hello Naomi. Look at all of her great cupcakes here. Including these robot cupcakes…which go perfectly with this great robot party from the Hostess […]

I am feeling more sane…

…after watching this video. What a creation! Not something I have the skill, time, or inclination to attempt, but amazing, none the less! (In other words, I’m not THAT crazy!)

Wild & CRAZY Cake!

You’ve got to check out this cake that my sister, Kerali, made for her son, Owen’s fifth birthday! I did mention that insanity runs rampant in my family, right?But don’t worry, she had help…Owen was apparently the chief frosting mixer. It looks great from all angles! I especially love the idea of using the layers […]