Boy Birthdays Revisited–Part 2

(cont. from yesterday) No. 3–Trenton’s Truck PartyThis is where we started inviting friends, and things got serious.  Well,…seriously fun! Here are a few images from the day.  You can read the full report here: No. 4 – The Rocking Rocket Birthday Overall, this may have been one of the best parties I’ve done.  The rocket […]

Boy Birthdays Revisited

My oldest son (2nd child) is turning 6 on Sunday!  I was going to throw the big robot birthday for him on Monday, but too many of the potential party guests are leaving town for the weekend, so I have postponed the party for a couple of weeks.  This is probably very providential, because I […]

Funny Friday–Amazing birthday cakes!

What I am about to show you is HILARIOUS and amazing!  But when you know the back story, it is also incredibly sweet. Some of you may remember when I wrote about my my friend, Ashleigh, who died of cancer last year, leaving behind a husband and four small children.  For each of her children’s […]

Golf Get-Together (Father’s Day Fun?)

I kind of glossed over Mother’s Day, with having a baby and all, but there is still time to give you some great ideas for Father’s Day. What does your man love? If he is anything like my man, you have all kinds of hobbies to choose from. Last year, mine was really excited about golf, […]

Let’s Play Music Recital/Party

Ok. This is going to be my last post for a while, before turning things over to my talented guest bloggers, unless I have baby news to report, or unless I am bored of having no baby news to report and decide to blog to pass the time. I am happy to report that I […]

Party Procrastination

I don’t think I realized what a feat it would be for me to select the finalists in my party party competition last week. There are really so many fantastic and diverse parties to choose from! I would highly recommend going back to the post and reading them all! I am having a terrible time […]

The 2nd Annual Party Party (and a Wild Party Post)

OK, everyone! It’s time to celebrate two years of blogging madness! It’s party time! I’ll go first: Back in the middle of November, when everyone was frantically posting about Thanksgiving and Christmas, we threw a WILD surprise party for my sister-in-law, Kristin. Of course, I didn’t get a chance to blog about it then, but […]

Halloween 2009—the big reveal…

TOY STORY: Yes! You were all right about our Toy Story theme! Which either means that you read and pay attention to my blog, or else you are just really smart (both?). These photos were taken by Peter Thatcher at our church Halloween party. I’m so glad he does this! I can’t ever get the […]

Tessa Turns Two—Pink Puppy Party

Miracle Worker Week ended with a celebration of my daughter’s second birthday. If you have read my blog at all, you know that I dream up elaborate birthday schemes for my kids’ birthdays, often a year or more in advance. Tessa’s birthday was no exception, except that as the birthday got closer, everything changed. And […]

The Secrets of the Pirate Party

I did have a request for a little more info about how I did some of the things I did for the Pirate Party, so I’m going to answer a few questions here. If I miss something you were curious about, please drop me a note. Fair warning: Just because these were mostly inexpensive things […]