Party Round-up

This post has taken forever for me to compose. Mainly because there were inspiring things about each and every party that is listed at my party party. I found myself wanting to feature every one! But since that wasn’t humanly possible, (for me at this moment), I have chosen several fun ideas to feature and […]

And the nominees are…(please vote!)

I have a bunch of other awards to hand out from my Blogoversary Party Party (stay tuned), but I need your help with the big “Party in a Package” Prize. For this award, I was looking for the parties that took a theme and went with it, used ideas I haven’t seen or thought of […]

It Was The Bomb!–Kim Possible Birthday Party

My daughter is all about girl power (Nancy Drew, Kim Possible, and I still have to post about Mulan). This was her 6 year-old birthday a couple of years ago. And it wasn’t just a party…It was an ADVENTURE! INVITATION: You see here one of the “kimmunicators” we made for invitations. The screen was a […]

Quite A Catch!–Fishing B-day Ideas

I nearly titled this post, “Something Fishy is Going On”, but I didn’t want to give the wrong impression. When we decided to spend Christmas in Utah, the one thing my husband was really excited about was fishing. Yes, in the cold. Yes, in the snow! Yes, he clearly has less sanity than I have, […]

December Birthday Dilemma

I have one. My husband has one. We have sisters, brothers, grandmas, nieces, nephews, uncles, friends and neighbors all with December birthdays. And the closer they are to Christmas, the harder it becomes to make the birthday special, or to shift gears from holiday prep to give birthday the attention it deserves. Two of my […]

Candyland Birthday Inspiration

Oops! Somehow I pressed publish before I even wrote this post. I’d better hurry and finish it before people think I’ve lost it…Oh, nevermind. They already know I have! One of my friends has a daughter that is turning 4 in a couple of weeks, and though I know all too well the challenge a […]

Super Super-Hero Ideas!

I have a boy, so I know that eventually I will be throwing a super hero party. It’s inevitable. Perhaps it will happen sooner for a big boy (my BIL is a big super hero fan, and hubby enjoys his superman shirt). I LOVE everything about this superhero party table by Jamee @ Setting The […]

A Sweet Celebration–Tessa’s 1st birthday party

We had a cupcake-themed birthday party for my baby girl on Saturday. Here are the details as promised. INVITATION: I have been trying to do most of my designing digitally lately, but then add an element by hand that gives more of a handmade feel. This entire invitation is digital, except for the cupcake liner […]

Birthday BLAST! (Rocket Birthday Party)

We had a blast (pun intended) with my son’s Space/Rocket/Astronaut themed birthday party this year! It was too much stellar fun to fit it into one post. For all of the Out of this World details and ideas for how you can throw your own spaced-out party, please read each of the following posts: Stellar […]

Space Favors & Fun

Here are the remainder of the fun ideas we used for my son’s Stellar Space-Themed/Rocket birthday party. The day before the party, I took my son to Denny’s for his birthday breakfast, and to buy 10 of these cool rocket cups. After searching around on-line, I knew these would make the best favors, and the […]