Robot Birthday Treats

I think I mentioned that my son turned 6 this weekend.  We decided to postpone his robot birthday party for a couple of weeks (and were able to take a fast but fun family getaway), but there was still some celebrating to be done!  On Friday, I took goodies to his class at school to […]

Boy Birthdays Revisited–Part 2

(cont. from yesterday) No. 3–Trenton’s Truck PartyThis is where we started inviting friends, and things got serious.  Well,…seriously fun! Here are a few images from the day.  You can read the full report here: No. 4 – The Rocking Rocket Birthday Overall, this may have been one of the best parties I’ve done.  The rocket […]

Boy Birthdays Revisited

My oldest son (2nd child) is turning 6 on Sunday!  I was going to throw the big robot birthday for him on Monday, but too many of the potential party guests are leaving town for the weekend, so I have postponed the party for a couple of weeks.  This is probably very providential, because I […]

Super Dad’s Day!

Ever since I first saw these cake pops from Bakerella, a couple of years ago, I’ve thought it would be great to plan an entire Father’s Day around the “Super Dad/ Super Hero” theme. If you think your dad is super, then you’re in luck!  There is tons of inspiration to be found around blog […]

Golf Get-Together (Father’s Day Fun?)

I kind of glossed over Mother’s Day, with having a baby and all, but there is still time to give you some great ideas for Father’s Day. What does your man love? If he is anything like my man, you have all kinds of hobbies to choose from. Last year, mine was really excited about golf, […]

Party Party Finalists Revealed!

Finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! I know they always say that picking winners is so tough, yada yada yada, but this was really SO TOUGH! That’s why I am glad you are doing the voting for me to pick the final winner of the party party, that will get $30 to Paper […]

Life is a Highway–Car’s Party Post

Last year, around this time, my friend, Jennifer, asked me for some ideas for a car-themed birthday she was throwing for her 4-yr.-old son. That inspired this post, full of fun “High-octane” party ideas. She ended up throwing a fabulous party that my kids and I got to attend, and I took lots of pictures […]

The Secrets of the Pirate Party

I did have a request for a little more info about how I did some of the things I did for the Pirate Party, so I’m going to answer a few questions here. If I miss something you were curious about, please drop me a note. Fair warning: Just because these were mostly inexpensive things […]

A Pirate’s Party for Me!

It be time for me account of me pirate party, mates! No, I don’t think I can write an entire post in pirate speak. You’ll just have to enjoy the occasional pirate outburst. I’m going to give you the guest’s view of the party today. Next week, I’ll break it down and give you the […]

Pirate Party Preparations

What do baking paper… Bermuda sand… A messy flour and water mixture… A cut-open chest cooler… And a goofy husband with crazy teeth… …have to do with a pirate party? Any guesses? Don’t worry, all will be revealed soon! What all of this is to say, is that I’ve got tons to do to get […]