More Legos

Thanks to Twinmommy2 for telling me about this fun Lego party.  Go here to read about all the fun activities they did.  My favorite thing?  The Lego gift bags made with circles and pop dots. So simple and graphic!

Building a Lego Birthday

I really intended to be getting my post up about Kira’s big birthday/baptism celebration last month, today, and I will this week for sure, but a new Twitter friend is asking for ideas for a Lego-themed party for her daughter.  I don’t know anyone who loves Legos more than my sister, Trina’s boys.  Remember thebionicle […]

A Good Knight Party

(Yes the pun in the title is totally intended.  This is another guest post by Kendra’s certifiably insane sister, Trina.  If you don’t believe she’s all that crazy, read on…)   In recent years, our two older boys have often opted to forgo a big friend party in favor of a bigger outing with only […]

Bionicle Birthday (or Bionicles 101 for mothers)

(Guest Post by Trina, one of Kendra’s crazily creative sisters) When my oldest son turned 11, he asked for a Bionicle Birthday. This party ended up being pretty easy, considering he chose to take a couple of friends to a local trampoline place (it had nothing to do with his theme, but was a great […]

Trina’s Insanity–My First Guest Blogger!

I started on my Easter wrap-up posts.  I have them about half ready for you, but then I just ran out of time. (Here’s a sneak peek and what I’ve been working on).   Have I told you about my April?  Well, after hosting Easter, we had a garage sale last weekend, my daughter’s birthday and […]

High-Octane Birthdays!

A friend of mine is having a car-themed birthday for her son who is turning 4, and wanted a few ideas, so I thought I would share with you all! I did a car birthday for my son when he turned 2. Since he was 2, it wasn’t a huge event, but I was pretty […]

Party Round-up

This post has taken forever for me to compose. Mainly because there were inspiring things about each and every party that is listed at my party party. I found myself wanting to feature every one! But since that wasn’t humanly possible, (for me at this moment), I have chosen several fun ideas to feature and […]

Reasons to Celebrate

It’s not too late to throw together some fun for the historic inauguration festivities. Take advantage of this free download from Kira @ Tangarang (that’s my daughter’s name, too. Kira, I mean–not Tangarang).And how fun is this?So, I don’t drink at all, but I’m sure we could come up with some sort of fun non-alcoholic […]

And the nominees are…(please vote!)

I have a bunch of other awards to hand out from my Blogoversary Party Party (stay tuned), but I need your help with the big “Party in a Package” Prize. For this award, I was looking for the parties that took a theme and went with it, used ideas I haven’t seen or thought of […]

Quite A Catch!–Fishing B-day Ideas

I nearly titled this post, “Something Fishy is Going On”, but I didn’t want to give the wrong impression. When we decided to spend Christmas in Utah, the one thing my husband was really excited about was fishing. Yes, in the cold. Yes, in the snow! Yes, he clearly has less sanity than I have, […]